Orson Welles

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1. Big guy from the sticks meets a big-city actress and falls for her.

2. Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first woman she meets and then teams up with three complete strangers to kill again.

3. Girl runs away from home and joins a group home. She has a near death experience and ends up in an upper class marriage.

4. Dirty old rich man dumps wife and family for young, blonde filly with a speech impediment, who drinks herself silly and ends up gone.

5. WW II draft dodging, gin-swilling, Fedora-wearing dude flees U.S., is spurned by a sentimental Parisian woman who’s really from Sweden, dumps her, then vanishes into the night with another man.

6. Intimidating New York control freak with hanging jowels helps his friends by utilizing guns, lawyers and long-distance animal abuse.

7. Dixie buttercup achieves riches and finds love by flaunting her beauty, betraying friends, and smacking servants upside their heads, while others lose their lives in her behalf.

8. British Officer becomes enchanted fighting for freedom in foreign land, sucks up to royalty, and becomes famous for wearing a dress.

9. College boy wants girl, compromises by dating her mother until a yellow bus carries him off to a future of probable poverty with vacillating trophy girl bride.

10. Two brothers start out together in life but arrive at separate destinations, one smashed up yet victorious, the other just hanging out.

11. A dripping man does a one-footed stomp in a gutter while his silly friend runs into a brick wall and the female love interest earns a living by talking.

12. A man whose business is failing meets a dead geezer and hallucinates his way to happiness.

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