Things I Learned

What if sound had come to movies 10 years later?

* Would gangster films have become as popular as they did in the early 1930s?

* Would we still have had the Production Code?

* Would Keaton have stayed at MGM?

* When would Preston Sturges, Busby Berkeley, Fred Astaire, and the Marx Brothers have come to Hollywood? Would they have stayed in New York throughout the 1930s?

* Would City Lights and Modern Times have been exactly the same visually?

* Would Citizen Kane have included more sound experimentation?

* Would we have had a bunch of film noir musicals in the 1940s?

* What would have been the 1937 equivalent of The Jazz Singer?

* Would the Warner Bros. and Disney studios have survived the Great Depression? How about Columbia?

* Would Disney have made Fantasia before making Snow White and Pinocchio?

If sound hadn’t come in until 15 years later, would David O. Selznick have made a silent Gone With the Wind? Who would have been the director? And who would have been the actors?

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