The Freshman

It was worth the wait. The seven-disc The Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection has all the best silent Harold Lloyd features and shorts. Three of the discs are dual sided, so there are ten sides in all. The bonus materials includes introductions by Leonard Maltin; interviews with Harold Lloyd, family, and friends; home movies; and 3D photos shot by Lloyd as an amateur photographer (the package provides a pair of 3D glasses that resemble the famous owl-eyed glasses Lloyd used to wear in the movies).

After watching the collection’s 25 features and shorts, you’ll likely agree that Lloyd is the third comic genius of the silent era after Chaplin and Keaton. He actually gets more belly laughs than the other two. The only time I saw someone laugh so hard he literally fell out of his seat was during a viewing of Lloyd’s The Kid Brother.

If you’re renting the DVDs, the two best Lloyd features are The Kid Brother (1927) and The Freshman (1925). Next up, try Safety Last! (1923).

The Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection
(1919-1934; various directors; cable & dvd)
New Line Home Entertainment
List Price: $89.95 (entire collection) or $29.95 (individual volumes)