My Voyage to Italy

Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood — Think only Hollywood can produce great motion pictures? You won’t think that way after you watch this excellent six-part series from Kevin Brownlow and David Gill.

Directed by John Ford — Peter Bogdanovich’s revealing documentary on the life and films of John Ford. It occasionally shows up on Turner Classic Movies.

Hollywood — Comprehensive and unequaled look at Hollywood’s silent film era. Written and directed by Kevin Brownlow and David Gill.

The Men Who Made the Movies — Insightful series of interview films from 1973 written and directed by critic Richard Schickel. Includes Hitchcock, Hawks, Vidor, Walsh, Wellman, Cukor, and Minnelli.

My Voyage to Italy — This time Scorsese walks us through the post-war films of Italy. Easily the best introduction to the Italian neo-realist films and their directors.

A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies — Scorsese’s personal (sometimes idiosyncratic) tour among many of the movies that influenced his work. It’s a great way to discover a terrific bunch of underappreciated films.

Visions of Light — A fascinating look at the art of cinematography.

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